Michelin Tires


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I currently have michelin tires on my Dodge Durango. After the recent heavy rains we've had, I noticed they are bad to hydroplane. Is there any one tire better than others that will not hydoplane?


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I have Uniroyal Tiger Paws on my vehicle and like them very much. They are made for repelling water and snow and from where I stand, they work very well. Of course, common sense tells you to slow down in a down pour but I've not hydoplaned once with these tires.


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I also use Michelin on my car but I've never had any problems so far. Are your tires really old? It's strange, because Michelin usually has great products.


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Michelin is a good tire company and and have a value in the automotive market,everyone has its on choice to choose the tires some people use Bridge stone and some other companies,but as a mechanic i sure about the guarantee of Michelin tires.