New car and long trip


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My better half and I have been discussing a cross-country driving trip, which both of us have wanted to do for many years. We would take a leisurely route and enjoy the journey. We've toyed with the idea of flying to the opposite coast, buying a new car there and then driving it home. Has anyone done something like this?


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My parents did this once a long time ago. My dad purchased a Jeep in Washington state. Him and my mom drove out there to pick it up and then drove it home. I think it is a great idea if you can afford it.

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I have a friend who likes to buy old cars on eBay and then fly out to drive them home. He and his wife have had some pretty interesting experiences with the cars breaking down, but he works on them, so he can usually handle any problem that may come up.


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Nice to know about your stories with a New car and its very interesting,when i buy my new Mazda Rx 7 so i had also go for a long trip with my friend so we had a lot of fun out there.I miss that moments.