Older Vehicles


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I have a 2001 truck besides the car. I want to make sure it is in top running shape, what kind of maintenance should I do to be sure everything is running smoothly?


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Just the normal I would say, you know oil changes, tire rotation, etc. 2001 is not that old... just take good care of it and you should be all set. How many miles do you have on it?


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Regular oil changes, filter changes, rotating tires, all of that type of thing. It's really the regular maintenance that keeps a vehicle running well. You never want to put that off.


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I wouldn't say that you would need any special maintenance really. You just need a good regular maintenance scheme to abide to. If you want more out of your ride, you might want to consider upgrading certain parts.


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What about spark Plugs?

What about spark plugs, does that need to be done on a regular basis and if so how often does it need to be done? What is Gapping a spark plug?