performance and MPG


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I would like to do a few performance things to my mini van (don't laugh) but I was always under the impression that it would lower my gas mileage. Is there any type of performance work that I can have done with out interfering with my gas millage?


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I do not know about doing performance things to my car but I know that I have to conserve gas and so I make sure that I do not leave the car on IDLE and I do not do unnecessary accelerations. Doing so burn a lot of gasoline. So learn to cruise whenever you can.


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I have never done this myself, but I would call some local shops and let them know what you are thinking. See what they have to sy, gather a list, Google it and research as much as possible. Check with all regarding their prices and see from that if its worth doing on your own or not.


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What kind of performance improvement do you plan? Do you simply want your car run faster or do you plan other things? Anyway, I think any improvement you plan will affects the gas mileage a bit. The question is that it's still affordable or not.


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I have never done anything to my own car by myself. I would be worried I would somehow mess it all up, and it would just be bad all around.


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It really depends upon what you want to do. There are a lot of mods that won't affect the MPG but you have to watch what you do. I used to have a mini-van (believe it or not) that had turbo and it was really great on gas mileage. It would flat out accelerate too. I loved that van.