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There's a specific gasoline company that advertises that it contains techron which is supposed to keep your engine clean and running better. For me, I think it's just hype but what do others think?


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I think a company, whether it's a gas company, a computer company or whatever, will say anything it wants in order to get you to buy their product. I think all gas is the same, most have the same additives and detergents and that you should buy specifically on whoever's got the lowest price.


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It's all marketing. Make it sound like you have something special and the people who don't know any better will flock to your business. It's marketing and nothing else.


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They probably all have Techron, but since this company thought of the marketing tactic first, it's theirs. But yeah, everyone is right. It's just marketing and nothing else.


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I think every company want to sale his products on a higher margin mean to say to make a good profit.Petrol formula is same of all the companies but they adding some compounds in a minor ratio and test it,if it work better than the past so they will give it the name of techron etc whatever.