What do you have?


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So what aftermarket things have you done to your car? What do you have planned out for future projects?

I have done very little to the Tahoe, but I will have something fun to do projects on soon!


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Changed the stereo system, added running boards, changed the grill (had to cut out the old one), bed cover, and got the bed Rhino'd.

Just checked Volant and they seem to finally made a Cold Air Intake for my truck, which means that and duel exhaust would be next.
I changed all the interior fittings with some unique accessories for my car, and i also put a big sticker on the back of my car.
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I haven't done anything to my truck, but I have a lot to do to it! I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado that belonged to my Dad. When he died my Mom gave it to me. I've already put about $3500 worth of mechanical work in it. My parent's had a gravel driveway, and the moisture did a lot of damage to the undercarriage. Now that I have a lot of the major stuff done, I'm looking to fix up the body.


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I haven't done anything yet, but the main thing I want to put into both vehicles is a decent CD player/radio. My big van still only has an AM radio in it!


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About the only aftermarket accessories my truck has is some seat covers and floor mats with dragons on them. I would love to swap out the stereo at some point but because of the way it is set up I am not sure that I can.


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I got floor mats, and seat covers. I had a steering wheel cover, but it didn't last long. I haven't done much with hardware - added a GPS, but that's about it.


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I added some graphics that I had made up. I also installed some lighting along the running boards so the underside of the pickup is lit up. And I just ordered a bull horn grill to install along the front.


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I haven't done anything major but I do change my floor mats in the winter and I have a furry steering wheel cover that I also put on in the winter. Oh and I put on license plate covers to protect my personalized license plates.


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I added one of those light bars in the back window - it ties into the brake/signal system and goes on solid when I brake and flashes in the direction of a turn with the regular turn signals.


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I don't really have anything added on my car other than a GPS system. I would love to either get seat covers and floor mats or see if someone can get them clean. I have a large crack in my bumper that needs to be fixed. Something flew up and hit it when I was on the highway.


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car changes

I changed my floor mats and added some of those roller-ball car seat covers to the front seats for comfort in the summer. I also rigged up a small portable table in the back for the children to use for playing games and coloring when we're heading to the beach.


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I just added a new tunnel cover to my pick-up. This one is an accordion type and looks really slick. It's so easy to open and close too, unlike the other one I used to have.


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I have only changed my wipers but other than that my car is still intact, so to say. It's not new but I take care of it a lot so everything is still original on it.


I'm going to add rim cover for making my car more attractive and expensive or prodigal look.
and eyes on light system,,,,:peace!: