wiper fluid


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What brand is everyone using for wiper cleaning? We picked up an off brand that works really well and I am surprised we got it for the price we did, at least 1/2 of what most car stores charge.


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I buy the Wal-Mart brand - I'm not sure what that is. I bought it a ton of it when it was on sale. I remember you used to be able to buy it for 99cents and now it's close to $2! I have bought Rain-X before but that is so expensive.


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I use RainX for my car. It is more expensive but it works. I love watching it rain, the water just rolls off the windows. I don't know how it works but it does.


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I use whatever happens to be cheapest at the time. I have a problem with my tank though. My hose came off that runs to my back wiper on my truck so I can't fill the reserve past a certain point or it spills out the back end.


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Yeah Wal-Mart brand is good for the fluid,i am using it and its quality is good and wiper work better with it and never take us in any tension even in the bad weather.