Prices of old vans


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I heard somewhere that car dealers were paying premium prices on older minivans such as the Town and Country and the Dodge Grand Caravans. Is there any truth to this? I have a T & C I would love to trade in on something newer.


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I had not heard this but I know mini vans are hard to come by these days. I would call your local dealer and see what they say about it, it couldn't hurt anyway.


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I'm not sure, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to call and see what they tell you. I do know that dealers' lots are overfilled with huge, gas guzzling SUVs and eight cylinder pickups. With the gas prices the way they are, more people are buying smaller vehicles...which is a good thing if you ask me.


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I used to have an antiques and collectibles business, so I needed the mini. I don't really need it as much these days. I've put off calling the dealer because it's like buzzards around a dead dog on the highway. Before I know it, every car salesman in the place is calling me trying to tell me what I want. How do they even begin to know when I don't?


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"Before I know it, every car salesman in the place is calling me trying to tell me what I want."

I know what you mean, Corinne. We're in the market for a Ford Lightning pickup truck, so we started searching and found one online. Of course, the price wasn't listed, so we called the dealer for more information. That was almost a year ago and we STILL get phone calls from that dealership trying to get us to come on site and talk with them!


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These car salesmen smell blood in the water when a person expresses any kind of interest in a vehicle and then they won't leave you alone. Don't they realize that they'd do better if they just asked if you needed help, maybe gave you a business card and left you alone until you wanted help?


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Car salesmen

When I taught school, I got a telephone in my classroom from a guy who was so nice to me. He told me he had married someone who had been a good friend of mine when he was teaching. He told me, too, that I had taught his son, and went on about how well the son was doing in college. I kept waiting for him to tell me the issue. I had a class to teach. Finally, he got to the point. He was trying to get me to come in and test drive a car. I was so peeved.


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I know most times businesses like these as work vehicles, I know our local computer shop has their tech guys come out in them. It comes in handy when you have to haul a ton of stuff around too.


price of old cars

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