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    Parking crooked?

    I think that is so rude. We do have mall security but I am not sure if they actually issue parking tickets or not. If not, I think they should.
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    Neighbor shot his car

    Wow, what a bonehead! It seems dangerous to be shooting at an electrical wire anyway but the fact that he hit his car window is ridiculous. If you don't know how to handle a gun safely, even a bb gun, you shouldn't be using them.
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    Staying safe in your car

    Other than not driving in the water there isn't much you can do. There is a point where it is safer to stay where you are than try to evacuate. I think a lot of people underestimated the damage that this storm would cause.
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    Fired up tonight... football!

    I am not watching Monday Night Football but the team I watch in college played prime time on Saturday. It was after midnight before it ended. I hate night games. I hope your team wins!
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    I just read where 19 states have started to gather signatures on petitions so that their respective states can peacefully secede from the Union. Really? All this over 1 lost election. I guess now we know what comes of telling everyone they're winners. They don't learn how to lose with grace and...
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    Average cost for a custom paint job?

    With it only being a small custom job like that, you might be able to find someone for $1000 or less. Most artists worth the title aren't cheap unfortunately.
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    Switching insurance coverage

    I would say that you should change it if it will save you the money. With the age of your car, I am sure that they probably would not pay what it's worth anyway. Rose is right you could use the money you save to fix the car or get a new one if you have an accident.
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    Getting hurricane backlash

    It really is going to be a long time to full recovery for some of those people hit the hardest. With the onset of winter soon rebuilding anything will probably be put off for several months. I feel for these people that have lost everything because they will have no sense of normalcy for quite...
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    Cars in the floods

    I am wondering if any of them will even work right in the coming months. I mean they all had a ton of sea water in them and that salt has a corrosive effect on all kinds of things. I hope that they were all covered though.
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    Buying a Beamer

    I have never owned one myself but I have a friend that has one. I don't think they are the greatest in the snow but they aren't the worst cars ever either. They are highly dependable and very comfortable. I am sorry to hear about your accident, hopefully it all gets worked out.
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    Would you be prepared?

    With millions on the East coast still without power it made me wonder how many of us would be prepared for a power outage that could span a week or longer? I generally have at least 1 case of water on hand and a fully stocked pantry. We also have a small propane cook stove that we use for...
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    Finding "that" smell

    I still haven't figured it out but I do know it isn't a window leakage issue. Thank goodness, that would be terrible. I am still digging through the seats to try to figure out what it is.
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    Finding "that" smell

    I got into my car today and there is an awful mystery smell that I just can't find the source of. Have you ever had this happen? Did you find the source or get rid of the smell?
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    How do you sleep?

    I don't think that they make a pillow to keep you from turning over but they do make pillows especially for side and stomach sleepers. I don't think any position is better than another though as long as whatever position you sleep in is comfortable and allows you a good night's rest.
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    Hurricane Sandy

    I don't live anywhere near the path, but I have plenty of friends and family scattered across the East coast from Virginia to New York. I am really hoping that everyone comes through the storm unscathed.